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Are Dental Implants Meant for All?

The basic requirements for the success of the implants is good healing capacity, proper oral hygiene and many more. Dental Implants in Kolkata are given by the skilled professionals to deliver exceptional results to their patients. Dental Implants are not recommended in the conditions given below:

Chain smokers and those who are chronic tobacco users:

The healing of the bone is the most critical phase of the Implant placement procedure. It takes approximately 3-4 months. Smoking and tobacco consumption reduces the healing of the bone as the blood flow to the jaws reduces. Tobacco irritates the wounded socket and increases pain after placing an Implant.

People with uncontrolled lifestyle diseases:

Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic diseases delay the healing of the Implant sockets. They prevent the fusion of the Implants with the jawbone. During consultation with the patient, the dentist must ensure a positive and no major health problem. Always consult your Physician before starting the treatment.

Poor health of Gums and Bone:

Gums and jawbone are the foundation for Dental Implants. So, it is necessary to have optimum bone density and healthy gums to support the prosthesis. If not, it leads to the failure of the prosthesis. Maintaining optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus throughout the treatment is advised.

People with poor oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene ensures an infection-free mouth. People who are unable to maintain a clean mouth, like medically compromised patients who are bedridden, are not fit for the prosthesis.

Patients with teeth grinding habit.

Teeth grinding is also called Bruxism. People with this habit may experience stability issues. Ultimately, the movement of the prosthesis will lead to implant failure.

Patients with blood disorders:

Blood disorders like haemophilia, where it is difficult to control bleeding. Patients with these issues are restricted from this treatment. The Implant is surgically placed in the jaw. Controlling bleeding and healing is very difficult in such cases.

Patients with poor immunity:

Poor immunity hampers the ability of the body to heal and fight potential risks.

Patients of myocardial infarction:

Patients with a history of Myocardial Infarction are more prone to infections that delay bone healing.

Patients with mental health issues:

Patients with mental health issues are usually on medications. These medicines may cause inflammation in the surrounding bone.

Dental implants can be successful in a few cases if the risk factors are modified. A strict regime has to be followed after the placement of the Dental Implant. Book your appointments today to find out if the dental implant is suitable for your oral health.

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