Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore

Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore: Explore well-known facilities that provide top-notch care and the newest innovations, guaranteeing comfort all around.

The latest advancements in root canal therapy have not only increased precision but also shown significantly better outcomes. Root canal treatment in Bangalore is now at the forefront of leveraging these advancements, from 3D digital scanning to non-invasive cavity preparation, ensuring the best possible results for their patients.

Here are some innovations in Root Canal Treatments:

  • CBCT Scans: Cone-based computer tomography is a 3D imaging technique. They are of immense importance now, giving a 3D view of the tooth. High-resolution aids in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. This virtual set-up helps Dentists understand complex root anatomy.
  • High Power Surgical Loupes: Surgical Loupes are small magnifying glasses. They help dentists have a better view of the area. They are of great importance in root canal treatment. The loupes give a magnified image of the root canals. They provide an enhanced view inside of the tooth, which helps clean, shape and fill canals.
  • Laser for Cavity Preparation:Lasers are used to remove cavities and prepare the tooth surface for fillings. These are pain-free and target-specific, i.e., they do not remove excess tooth structure and help to preserve tooth strength.
  • Engine-driven Dental Equipements: Hand-driven instruments have been replaced with machine-driven instruments. These are Machine-driven instruments made of a material called Nickel-titanium. They are more flexible and resilient than traditional hand-driven instruments, allowing dentists to clean and shape root canals more efficiently and with less risk of damage to the tooth.
  • Cleaning Canals with Ultrasonic Frequencies: The antiseptic solution used in root canals is activated with ultrasonic devices. These ultrasonic frequencies enhance the cleaning efficacy of the solution and remove debris from inaccessible areas.
  • Advanced Filling Materials: Bio-ceramic Sealers are unique materials that fill all the spaces of root canals. These are of great advantage in curved roots. They are highly biocompatible and have superior sealing properties. Proper sealing of the root canals enhances the success rate of the Root Canal treatment.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Root Canal Treatments are typically performed under local anaesthesia, which numbs the area around the tooth being treated. This ensures that the procedure is painless and comfortable for the patient.

The respective tooth is numbed before starting the treatment.

The numbness stays for approximately one hour and then normalizes. The dentist shall prescribe you painkillers to avoid discomfort after treatment.

In all, Root Canal Treatments are no longer a complex procedure. The use of lasers, digital scans, and surgical loupes has significantly improved the comfort and ease of the procedure, making it more convenient for both Dentists and patients.

Dentists in Bangalore prioritize the comfort and well-being of their patients throughout the treatment process, ensuring a positive and stress-free experience.

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