Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

Root Canal Treatment in Delhi: Uncover exclusive facilities known for exceptional care and advanced technology, guaranteeing painless procedures.

Dental clinics in Delhi are known for their advanced dental procedures. Root Canal Treatments (RCT) are one of those. Root canal treatment in Delhi is a well-preferred option by its residents.

This procedure provides pain relief and restores damaged teeth. It is a dental procedure in which the diseased pulp of a decayed tooth is removed, the root canals are thoroughly debrided, and the canals are sealed with a sealer paste and rubber-like material.

They provide multiple benefits like:

  • Preserves Teeth: Root Canal Treatments revive teeth and improve their functionality. Natural Teeth have more strength than prostheses. So, one should prioritize preserving the natural teeth rather than getting them extracted.
  • Pain Relief: The treatment removes the decayed part of the tooth, which causes toothache. Medicaments clean the root canals to achieve microbe-free canals and relieve pain. Painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed in case of severe infection.
  • Prevents Gum Infection: In case of intense infection in teeth, it may spread to gums and other supporting structures. An individual may experience pus discharge from the gums of the infected tooth. RCT potentially minimizes the infection with disinfecting agents. After treatment, the gum lesions heal within a few days.
  • Improved Chewing Efficiency: The restored teeth have similar strength as that of natural teeth. Managing decayed teeth improves the patient's chewing efficacy. A dental crown over a root canal-treated tooth improves its durability.
  • Improves Aesthetics: RCT is an ideal treatment option for cracked teeth. The front chipped teeth are also addressed with root canal treatment. It maintains the facial aesthetics and smile of the patient.
  • Harmonizes the Dentition: Removing decayed teeth may create space. The adjacent teeth drift into these spaces. Later, it may cause an imbalance between the upper and lower jaw. Root canal treatments aim to save teeth and maintain harmony in the dentition.
  • Intentional Root Canal Treatment: Multiple Root canal Treatments are performed in the Full Mouth Rehabilitation program when all the teeth in the mouth are attrited or worn off. In this, all the teeth undergo RCT, and then the single unit bridge is placed on the teeth.

Hence, we can say that Root Canal Treatments bring stability and improve the functionality of the teeth.

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