Teeth Whitening in Hyderabad

Teeth Whitening in Hyderabad: Discover top clinics providing excellent service and innovative methods for remarkable results.

Are you looking for Teeth Whitening in Hyderabad? It is a solution to whiten your discoloured and dull teeth. Professional teeth whitening done at a dental clinic in Hyderabad are an excellent option. This procedure is generally done in a single appointment by the dentist and does not require multiple appointments. The entire procedure is carried out in a few simple steps, which are listed below:

Check- Up

  • Before starting the procedure, the dentist will check the oral cavity. He will examine the teeth for existing cavities and surrounding structures for gum diseases

Clean up

  • The next step is to clean any tartar or debris on the tooth surfaces to ensure better action of the whitening agent.


  • To ensure that the agent does not contact the gums or surrounding soft tissue, a gel-like barrier is applied to cover them and expose only the tooth surfaces.

Application of Whitening Agent

  • A whitening agent made up of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the exposed tooth surfaces. The concentration of the gel differs depending on the requirements and whitening kit used.

Light or Chemical Activation

  • Some agents must be mixed to activate, and some require a light for their activation. Accordingly, the agent is activated so that the effect can begin.


  • The dentist and his team then monitor and check on the patient to ensure the agent is acting effectively while preventing contact with other surfaces around the mouth and gums.


  • If needed, the dentist may re-apply the whitening agent after the first application has had its full effect.

Washing and Checking

  • After satisfactory results have been achieved, the dentist will remove and wipe away the whitening agent and then rinse the mouth thoroughly to ensure no traces are left behind. After washing, the teeth are then checked, and results are observed.

After Care Instructions

  • The dentist may provide instructions after teeth whitening, such as avoiding highly coloured foods and drinks and using a desensitizing gel to prevent temporary tooth sensitivity.

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