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When you visit any dentist in Kolkata, you will observe that they use various tools to ensure your teeth are healthy and your visit is comfortable. Let's explore some of the standard equipment and what each one does.

Mouth Mirror

  • The mouth mirror is a small, circular mirror on a handle. Dentists use this to see inside your mouth, especially the back of your teeth. It helps them spot any problems from different angles.

Dental Probe

  • Dental probes might look a bit scary, but they're instrumental. There are different types, like the sickle probe and the periodontal probe. The sickle probe checks for cavities and other issues, while the periodontal probe measures the spaces between your gums and teeth to check for gum problems.


  • Teeth are susceptible inside, so dentists use anesthesia to numb your mouth during treatments. This prevents pain during procedures. Some dentists even offer pain-free sedation so you don't feel anything.

Dental Syringe

  • The dental syringe is used to inject anesthesia. It can also rinse or dry your mouth with water or air. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but this feeling goes away quickly.

Dental Drill

  • The dental drill helps remove decay from your teeth. It can feel strange due to the sound and vibrations, but it's essential for cleaning cavities. Dentists also use it to polish and smooth teeth.

Spoon Excavator

  • If the decay in your tooth is soft, dentists use a spoon excavator instead of a drill. This tool gently removes the decay.


  • After fixing a tooth, dentists use a burnisher to polish it and remove any scratches, making your tooth smooth and shiny.


  • When plaque hardens into tartar, it can't be removed by brushing. Dentists use scalers to scrape it off from above the gum line carefully.


  • Curettes are similar to scalers but are designed to remove tartar from below the gum line without hurting your gums.

Suction Device

  • During procedures, saliva and debris can build up in your mouth. Dentists use small suction hoses to keep your mouth clear.


  • Sometimes, problems can't be seen with the naked eye. X-rays provide a detailed view of your teeth and bones, helping dentists find issues like early decay.


  • Dentists use moulds filled with liquid to get a detailed impression of your teeth. You bite down on it, and once it hardens, it creates a model of your teeth. This is useful for making crowns, caps, mouthguards, and braces.

Next time you visit a dentist in Kolkata, you'll know what each tool does and how it helps keep your teeth healthy! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask your dentist-they're there to help you.

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